The talented young hurdler on his way to becoming a world-class athlete


The Person


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11. Oktober 1998
Professional Athlete
LC Therwil
Swiss Starter,
World Class Potentials,
Olympia Team BL

When I was 11 years old, my teacher discovered my athletic talent at our primary school Sports Day just by chance. These days, little is left to chance. Almost everything is planned. It has to be. Although I’m already counted among the world-class hurdle sprinters in the under-20 juniors, my climb to the very top of the hurdling sprint elite won’t come without hard work. That’s why I train 7 to 8 times a week for 12 to 14 hours.

Weekends are often taken up by competitions. It doesn’t leave much time for going out, but I don’t mind. I can always find a moment to relax and enjoy the warm sun in our training camps in Greece, Portugal or South Africa, even when it might still be cold in Switzerland. I always try to be better today than I was yesterday.

I feel at ease in my Jordan sneakers and in the company of my friends. Respect, manners, and decency – these values are important to me, as are my roots and what I draw from my unique background – Swiss discipline infused with the laid-back patience of the Caribbean.
My patience is more reserved for others than for myself since my sport demands discipline: my full physical, mental and intellectual presence. During the competition season, I eat healthy meat and vegetables and I avoid sugar. Fast food burgers can wait until after the season ends.

OccasionalIy, I give myself over to daydreaming about the world of Instagramers, about the dog I’d love to have, about days without anything to do but lie in bed and sleep whenever I want, eat whatever I want.

Then I come back to real life and all I love about it: my sport, my parents, who are both family and part of my support team,  outdoors adventures with my best buddy, my interest in following the careers of actor Will Smith, boxing World and Olympic Champion Anthony Joshua as well as World and Olympic Champion Usain Bolt – the champion who did it without hurdles.


The Success

12 September 2020

SM Basel 110mH / 13.29s
Swiss Record

23 August 2020

SM U23 Frauenfeld 110mH / 13.44s
(Swiss Champion)

24 July 2020

Citius Champs 110mH / 13.34s
(Swiss Record Active)

16 Feburary 2020

SM Halle MAN+WOM – St. Gallen 60mH / 7.66s
(Swiss Champion)

08 September 2019

SM U23 – Winterthur 110mH / 13.62s
(Swiss Champion)

24 August 2019

SM Active – Basel 110mH / 13.42s
(Swiss Champion)

12 July 2019

European Championship – Gävle (SWE) 110mH / 13.45s
(European Champion)

17 February 2019

SM Indoor MAN+WOM – St. Gallen  60mH / 7.56s
(Swiss Champion & Swiss Record)

9 September 2018

SM U23 – Aarau 110mH / 13.71s
(Swiss Champion)

30 August 2018

Worldclass – Zurich Young Diamond’s Challenge 110mH / 13.46s
(1st Place)

14 July 2018

SM Active – Zofingen 110mH / 13.39s
(Swiss Champion & Swiss Record U23 + Active)

16 June 2018

Citius Meeting – Bern 110mH / 13.46s
(Swiss Record U23)

26 May 2018

Kurpfalz Gala – Weinheim (D) 110mH / 13.51s
(Swiss Record U23)

18 February 2018

SM Indoor MAN+WOM – Magglingen 60mH / 7.77s
(Swiss Champion)

10 September 2017

SM U20 – Lausanne 110mH / 13.32s
(Swiss Champion)

09 September 2017

SM U20 – Lausanne 100mH / 10.58s
(Swiss Champion)

24 August 2017

Worldclass – Zurich Young Diamond’s Challenge 110mH / 13.47s
(1st Place)

22 July 2017

European Championship – Grosseto (I) 110mH / 13.41s
(European Champion)

01 July 2017

Junior Gala – Mannheim (D) 110mH / 13.29s
(1st Place)

03 June 2017

Whitsun Meeting– Zofingen 110mH / 13.25s
(Swiss Record U20)

18 / 19 February 2017

SM Indoor MAN+WOM – Magglingen 60mH / 7.94s
(Swiss Champion)

11. Februar 2017

SM Indoor U20 – St. Gallen 60mH / 7.74s
(Swiss Champion & Swiss Record U20)

11. September 2016

SM NW U20 – Langenthal 110mH / 14.06s
(Swiss Champion)